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Terms & Conditions

Your Sportman's Rewards membership agreement.  If you have the Sportman's Rewards membership you agree with us to the following terms and conditions between you and us.



  • Membership is available to all qualifying individuals 18 years of age and over.
  • Sportsman's Rewards reserves the right to decline membership for any reason or terminate membership for just cause.
  • Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by Elite Sportsman Inc. and Sportman's Rewards including our privacy policies and practices, and they may be amended from time to time without notice.

Membership Cards and Fees

  • Membership fee is for one twelve (12)-month period from the date of activation of the card.  The cardholder name and number can be found on the member website at www.sportsmansrewards.com in your Profile.
  • The discounts, specials and draws are available by logging into sportsmansrewards.com.
  • Your Sportsman's Rewards membership card may be required upon arrival by the guide, outfitter or lodge at the time of booking.
  • If your card is ever lost or stolen, please report it to Elite Sportsman Inc immediately.  A new card and membership number will be issued and the old number cancelled.
  • The benefit or discount applies to the cardholder only.  Only members of Sportman's Rewards forming a group will obtain the benefit or discount.
  • Because the benefit of membership is immediate after paying the membership fee, without any exception we have a NO REFUND policy.

Limitation of liability and additional terms

  • You are subject to, and must comply with, any additional terms, conditions and restrictions imposed by the participating guide, outfitter or lodge.  You release Elite Sportsman Inc. and Sportman's Rewards and our agents from any and all liability to you or any other person regarding the use of this membership program.
  • You may be required to sign an additional waiver releasing us and the participating guide, outfitter or lodge supplier from all liability.
  • Any additional expenses which are not discussed in this agreement and which you incur in connection with your use of this membership will be your responsibility.


  • We may make changes to the program benefits as necessary including cancelling, changing or substituting benefits at any time or without notice.  We also reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the program.

Termination of the program

  • We reserve the right to terminate the program with two (2) months prior notice.  During the two month notice period, we may cancel, change or substitute some or all of the then current benefits.


  • We respect your right to privacy.  Our Privacy Statement outlines our policies and practices in detail.